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Understand how to Harness Your Superpower - Anxiety.
Have your Anxiety work for you, not against you!!


What my clients are saying

Testimonials from past members. 

I have found my Strength

"I want to thank you for inspiring me. You have allowed me to experience having someone walk with me on my journey. My depression tried to take away who I am. You helped me to find myself once again. Thank you."

The Life of My Dreams

"Thank you for all you taught and guided me through. I finally have the life I spent dreaming of!!"

No longer Helpless

"I felt like I was paralyzed by my anxiety with medication being the only answer to feel calm.  Natalie changed my perception that anxiety is a bad thing, and I learned I can control my anxiety with simple tools.  I no longer feel helpless when an anxiety attack strikes.  This online retreat is a game changer!

How the 7 process personal retreat is delivered

Take a Personal Virtual Retreat with Natalie Kohlhaas to discover how you can Harness Your Superpower!

Here is your opportunity to take a Virtual Retreat with Natalie Kohlhaas, author of Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend : Harness Your Invisible Superpower.

  • Immediately after registration, you will receive a welcome video an introduction, and worksheets to start your personal retreat.¬†
  • Decide, do you want to print all of your worksheets at once and get prepared or tackle each step one at a time.
  • Take a stress quiz and recognize where you are today and what level of stress you wish to address.
  • Each day, we will provide you with your next step as we walk you through the information.
  • We will guide you with videos and provide worksheets so you can address each process.
  • Regular engagement in this process will open up control and understanding of Anxiety.
  • You can listen, watch and write your way through each step.
  • Take your time.¬† This 7-process system is available to you for 60 days.
  • Review, practice, engage, then repeat.¬† We are here for you.
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Benefits of the retreat

Learn to engage in your life and use your Anxiety to walk into your values. 


Reach for Control

We each experience times when we feel our emotions directing and controlling us. We end up reacting rather than responding. Learn you do have control and learn how to use the control anxiety is pointing you towards.


Acknowledge your Better Self

The truth of who you are has been hidden. Hidden from others, hidden from yourself and  afraid of being hurt. Uncover the truth of you and embrace your Better self.


Lower your Anxiety

When you begin to understand what Anxiety is, what it is saying to you and how to use it  - your Anxiety will sit down. Because Anxiety trusts you to run your life, not fear!

A day by day look inside the virtual retreat

Process 1

Start with Control

Control what you can-your breath.
Learn how to settle your system.

Process 2

How Anxiety talks

Become aware of how your friend is talking to you.

Process 3

Stressful and Negative Thoughts

Why is your friend trying so hard to get your attention?

Process 4

Grounding in the Present

Pause those fearful thoughts and reach for clarity.

Process 5

Engage Thought and Action

Listen, reframe and state your truth.

Process 6

Who is your Better Self?

Step into your better self and experience the future now.

Process 7

Body, Thoughts, Awareness, Control and Action - Put it Together

Activate control and bring your anxiety down.

Investment in yourself

$197 ,$47

Limited Time Offer

  • Start today learning how to engage control in your life.
  • Step into a sense of calm and find comfort in your own skin.
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More testimonials from past clients

Hear how we can help.

Huge Difference

"You have made a huge difference in my life.  You probably will never know the number of lives you have touched.  Thank you."

Above and Beyond

"Natalie has helped me reach for possibilities.  And for that I am truly grateful!"

Changed my Life for the Better

"My life has finally changed for the better in so many ways."

Nice to meet you!

Natalie Kohlhaas, your virtual retreat leader

Natalie Kohlhaas is an anxiety specialist, clinical therapist, counselor and seminar leader. She is widely known for her work with anxiety disorders and therapeutic techniques for those clients with whom talk therapy “has failed.” She graduated with degrees in psychology from Emory University, the University of Georgia, Oxford College, and Georgia School of Professional Psychology. With more than 20 years of experience she has been interviewed in print, radio, podcasts and live TV. She volunteers her time with the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia as well as local businesses. With a background deeply rooted in tradition, she has integrated her wide-ranging experience into a program of psychological development and integrative mental health to include specialized services in Hypnotherapy, Brainspotting and CBT. Her most recent book Hello Anxiety My Old Friend : Harness Your Invisible Superpower is available on Amazon as a resource for you and your family.

Your Retreat Investment

$197, $47

Limited Time Offer

  • Step into a sense of calm and find comfort in your own skin.
  • Want the entire course?¬† Purchase your Personal 7-Process Retreat today and you will receive a discount.¬† And have you read the book?¬† Find your coupon code at checkout.
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