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Heart: Anxiety Symptoms

anxiety symptom Sep 18, 2023

Experiencing heart palpitations, such as irregular or racing heartbeats, can be indicative of various anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and more. It's important to recognize these symptoms and seek appropriate coaching assistance with your anxiety.

In this article, the relationship between anxiety and heart palpitations is explored.

Heart Palpitations Anxiety Symptoms description:

  • Your heart feels and/or sounds as though it is beating unusually hard or ‘pounding’ in your chest and/or throat.
  • Your heart feels like it is racing or beating fast.
  • It feels like your heart is skipping beats, or has “flutters,” or feels like it stops, flops, or thumps in your chest. When it feels like your heart skips a beat, stops, flops, or thumps, it also can produce a tickle-like feeling in your chest or throat that makes you cough.
  • It feels like your heart beats are irregular or unevenly spaced.
  • It feels like your heart is fluttering instead of beating evenly and normally.
  • It feels like your heart is throbbing or pounding hard in your chest.

When you check your pulse, you might observe that your heartbeats may be faster than what is considered normal, or irregularly spaced.

At the first sign of heart palpitations, individuals often jump to the conclusion that there must be a serious issue with their heart. Some individuals express concern that they may be on the cusp of experiencing a heart attack, or that their heart may unexpectedly cease to function or rupture.

If you find yourself experiencing heart palpitations due to anxiety, you might notice uncomfortable sensations. These sensations can range from pulsing to throbbing or thumping and can occur internally or externally throughout your body.

You might start noticing your heartbeat and its actions in an unusual way. Symptoms of anxiety-induced heart palpitations can occur both during physical activity and while at rest.

Heart palpitations anxiety symptoms can vary in their frequency and duration. They may occur sporadically, or infrequently. It is worth noting that cardiac symptoms can potentially escalate anxiety episodes or occur "out of the blue" and for no apparent reason.

Anxiety-induced heart palpitations can be particularly unsettling when you're supposed to be at rest, practicing deep relaxation, attempting to sleep, or just waking up from slumber.

Heart palpitations can be a distressing symptom of anxiety when individuals experience a rapid and irregular heartbeat. However, what adds insult to injury is the unpredictable nature of these symptoms. From one day to the next, and even from moment to moment, the combination and variations of heart palpitations can differ greatly. This inconsistency can leave individuals feeling helpless and anxious about what lies ahead. Unfortunately, this erratic pattern is all too common for those who suffer from anxiety-related heart palpitations.

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